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the bay area right now. focusing on the bay area right now. there are flood warnings posted for the napa river and for the city of napa on the napa river. the flood levels will crest and recede by midnight. a flash flood warning for pescadaro creek and the town. here is why. the doplar is showing a line of showers and thundershowers moving through the central bay area right now. even if if it lightens up in the north bay. that is why they issued flash flood warnings until 7:00. the rain totals more than 2 inches in santa rosa. you see the bulk of the showers are moving south and east of the bay area. plenty focused around the drainage off towards the pacific that is why the creek is torn. heavy rain is moving to the south and we will have the entire forecast dried up in san
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francisco and over in oakland. the storm is causing problems all over the bay area. >> reporter: brian, you know, it is the sunday before the christmas holiday. that mean ace lot of people are out this doing last-minute shopping and going to holiday parties. but, the weather has not made it easy for drivers out this on the road. they are looking at the conditions from earlier. the standing water is hurting traffic and slow-moving drivers. and wind warnings on the bridges. this powerful storm even brought down trees on panoramic highway. and people had to detour adding hours to their trip. listen to this guy. >> they are saying that there is no power. the fire department told me the road is closed because they need to clear the tree.
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that was 2-1/2 hours. that is how long to cheer the trees. four hours -- clear the trees four hours ago and nobody is cutting the tree and they now say you can not pass in 12 hours. >> now, these trees weigh at least a ton and will take hours to cheer. back live, we are watching traffic as drivers head on to the golden gate bridge. we are getting a break in the rain right now. traffic is moving quicker than it was earlier. you need to drive slower than usual in weather like this and leave plenty of room between you and the car in front of you. back to you. >> okay, thank you. in san francisco, seawater from ocean beach went onto the highway. it closed lincoln boulevard. one of two northbound lanes is closed and stony point road near catoti is closed after a
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sinkhole opened up this afternoon. it is about 10 feet deep just south of highway 116. road crews are taking all of the precautions they need to to prevent accidents. >> it does not happen often but during these storm events occasionally we have situations where incidents like this do occur. >> not easy to fix, either. the road could be closed for up to 3 days. and, wind gusts to 58 miles an hour. blew through the city today. they shutdown a few blocks of the roadway until the debris was cleared. and it is proving to be tough sledding for drivers looking to get to and from lake tahoe. a winter storm warning saying that heavy snow and strong winds could create whiteout conditions and they are urging
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people not to travel on the highway unless it is absolutely necessary. for those making the drive, chains are required on vehicles but 4 wheel drives with snow tires. from gold run all of the way out to the state line. people in the northbound are dealing with an all too familiar problem for this time of the year. flooding concerns. as cbs 5 reporter shows us, people are hoping for the best but they are preparing for the worst. >> reporter: from swollen creeks to flooded lots, here is the latest storm. >> we are looking at a foot and a half of water in the center part of the park. >> reporter: that is the park that fireman's group owns and maintains. >> there is not a lot we can do about it. we tried sandbagging in the past but it is fruitless. >> reporter: they topped the banks this morning. >> we have to come in and shovel it all out and replant
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the grass and clean our bathrooms, a huge job. >> reporter: a few miles away -- >> it is a little dramatic, i think. >> reporter: this trucking company's parking lot is now part of the creek that ran behind it, the dumpster sitting in several inches of water. >> we moved all of the trucks that were there. and i am worried about my guy's trucks that are over here. so, it is coming fast. that is what i don't understand. >> since we don't know how much rain will come for the rest of the week businesses are preparing for the worst. they have sandbags at the ready in their parking lots. >> just hope for the best. mother nature is going to do what it is going to do. >> we stacked up the tables skpefring. >> they moved everything off of the floor in his printing shop. >> we have flood insurance and all of that sort of stuff but you don't really want to go there if you can avoid it. >> reporter: and it is only december with several more rainy weeks to come. >> hopefully it happens early in the season and not in the
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later. get in and clean it up. >> it is a big job cleaning it up after this. >> let's emphasize the fact that things are easing up now and we should get a break tomorrow. but there is rain down in the south bay. if the commute takes you over bay area bridges be prepared for high winds. the chp issued a wind advisory for the bridge. officers also warning you to watch out for puddles and flooding on the road. both wind and rain will be easing up tonight. the weather is keeping some travelers from catching their flight to and from san francisco this christmas. 56 flights were canceled at sfo today. most flights are running two hours behind schedule and delays are expected to get worse tonight as things pileup. no delays and cancellations reported at oakland international airport. >> today's stormy weather left a lot of residents in the dark. pg&e is reporting 3700 customers without power in the
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north bay right now. the east bay, south bay and in san francisco. crews are not sure when they will have the lights back on. you can track the storm any time with our live hi-def doplar on our web site. renewed debate about gun control is here to stay. politics addressed it on the sunday morning talk shows. >> the fact that something has misused a baseball bat or the mass killing in the chinese school with an ax and a knife does not mean you ban them. >> nobody is aing that. >> what it means is you protect the innocent on the one hand and you try to keep weapon out of the hands of those who are likely to commit such crimes. >> the nra spokes people are willing to deal with every possible cause of gun vie leps but guns. >> the nra says to stop these types of mas shootings there should be a good guy with a gun
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at every school. president barack obama and others said good-bye to dan yell inouye. a 19-gun solute at the national memorial cemetery of the pacific. it is the final resting place to thousands of world war ii veterans. the set ran was one. he died of respiratory complications on monday. the race is on to get the last-minute christmas gifts. how some stores are making it easier for procrastinators. >> a gift-gavinging charity makes holiday wishes come true for children effected by hurricane sandy. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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with just one full day left before christmas. people are taking care of last minute gifts for frie and even themsel shoppers are hitting the stores for their final punches with one full day before christmas. people are taking care of last- minute gifts for friends, family and themselves. shoppers tell us some deals are too good to pass up. >> it was like i was not going to buy for people and then i
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came out and there were sales so i thought, why not. >> more retailers looked like they hired more people just to make sure. >> retailers are add more employees and hours to meet the needs of shoppers, macy's, toys r us and target will be open until midnight tonight to help with the last-minute rush. meanwhile, sat some shops, shoppers enjoyed complementary giftwrapping thanks to volunteers from a middle school. parents and students played santa elves hoping to raise donations for the band program. it is not secis sec-- secret santa but secret sandy. and in every life a little rain must fall. this is ridiculous. we will have the forecast after our break ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a little holiday cheer to a york community that was onef the hardest hit. cbs reporter marlie hall was in howard beach when a charity started after hurricane sandy is bringing cheer to a new york community that was one of the hardest hit. howard beach when hundreds of kids received early christmas gifts. >> reporter: a restaurant in howard beach, new york receiving toys and dinner. >> food, fun and presents. >> reporter: sandy flooded matthew's basement, destroying most of his toys. matthew's mom says the cost of rebuilding threatened to wipe out christmas. >> just trying to get them things. the people who have donated gifts have been awesome.
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>> reporter: joy created this gift-giving charity after she helped a friend cleanup from the storm. >> her son saw us throwing out his toys and was so emotional about it and so upset seeing -- not understanding what he did to have all of his toys thrown out. >> reporter: online donnerss helped out. >> the -- donnerss helped out. >> reporter: 2,000 of sandy's youngest victims were helped out. some of them got their gifts here at this christmas party. >> reporter: 10-year-old michael says christmas will not be the same now that his family lives in a small apartment. >> we don't race down the stairs t it is now one floor. not the normal. >> reporter: secret sandy is taking some of the disappointment. >> we did not expect special angels like this. i am blown away how generous people have been. >> reporter: they will collect donations all year long to benefit kids in hard hit areas.
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back to you. >> well, that is definitely good news. i wish we had better news for folks along the russian river and napa river. the rain that we got earlier today has swollen both of the rivers. let's look at the latest on what we are expecting. first, russian river. staying above flood stage. that is the way it looks right now. cresting at 30.9 feet at 11:00 tomorrow morning. the forecast is for minor flooding. it will be below flood stage. napa river will be above flood stage any hour now. 1.2 feet above the flood stage. the forecast there is minor flooding. down the river, crest about a foot and a half above flood stage. there will be moderate flooding in the napa valley, along the napa river for crop interests. this will be some damage to crops up there when you get 1 1/2 feet above flood stage. the good news in all of in is the rains drivewayed up in the north bay in napa, and marin
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county. everything will recede after midnight tonight. flood warnings on the creek. a community 600 people, 37 miles west of palo alto on the shoreline. this is why. you see the doplar picking up the showers that hit the north bay now moved mostly into the south bay and even east of livermore. so, just a few heavy cells left. we will try it out fairly rapidly and that is all good news. you still see the rain unwinding over the santa cruz mountains. because of the runoff from that, flash flood warning posted until 7:00 tonight that basically means that some of the smaller creeks will overrun the roads and you can really hit nasty parts on the highway. so, it takes extra time. look at that, though, in san francisco, oakland, alameda. dried up. but, not before it left. two inches of rain in santa rose a oakland, more than an inch. and two thirds of an inch from
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all of this. here is what we expect, first of all, things dry up tonight. drying out on monday. christmas eve looks like we will see sunshine. but, then, rain on christmas. the rain spreads south. not like it was today. we will begin to get wet again christmas morning in the north bay and spreading to the north bay and spreading on christmas. the numbers, patchy fog around the bay area. otherwise, here is the sun for the bay. that is not such bad news. where the rivers just got right there and hopefully it will be coming back. so, more sunshine for the bay area. the low moves to the southland. gives los angeles a chance of rain. for us, drying out. heading for the hills, winter storm warning posted until 4:00 for the sierra. heavy snow, all of it this heads to the hills there is avalanche danger posted in the mountains, headed out of sfo. partly sunny skies. newyork, a mix of sun and rain. and denver has snow.
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chicago snow. and new york, partly cloudy skies. numbers for us, mostly in the middle 50s. then, going to partly sunny skies for the bay area, monday, rain spreads south during the day on christmas day. extended forecast calls for people to get wet again on tuesday. ed with, thursday, friday, partly cloudy skies for the bay area. next weekend we don't have a good model on the rain, some say rain some say not. so, expect wet one more time on christmas day. other than that, probably be able to take a break. so, the latter half of the week looks uncertain. but i tell you what, the man who has the certain on sports is sitting over there. >> speaking of take a break. what about the brian show today. you can do the sports if you want. >> come on back we have raiders ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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panthers...(4-10 & 5-9 respectively going in) i can understand it may not have been on your "to d" list... ...but weren't you t a little curious if the rai could put back to back wins to raiders, panthers, i can understand if it is not on your to do list today but weren't you curious if the raiders can go back to back. they have to beat the duel threat. cam newton. here, here he is. 18 of 29. back foot, let's it go. finding it in the end zone.
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the touchdown, 7-0 carolina. palmer, taking a shot. greg hardy right in the back rib section, palmer left the game, x-rays were negative. he did not return. under 2 minutes left. liner, he picked off by panter linebacker -- panther linebacker. and then 4-plays later, here is newton, again, rolling in for a touchdown. the panthers led. the raider his a chance to get out of this hole. into the 3rd. tipped and hauled in by the linebacker. okay. he returns it inside of the red zone. so, the raiders are in business business. then, in the 4th, cashing in and right back in it. but a swag nullifies it. the penalty, 70 yards, 14-sáeus
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right now. 5 minutes left. they are batted away. and the panters go on to win 17- 6. oakland -- panthers go on to win 17-6. oakland, they have not been able to score. >> when you lose your starting quarterback there are a lot of guys stepping up. we did not have enough guys that made enough plays for us offensively. >> you always have to be ready to play and i try to pride myself being ready and accountable. so, we got to be ready when the number is called. >> now, yes. not sure how to react better. >> you know what he did. yes. they have to understand. yes. >> are you going to take it? >> no. are you making strides and all? >> no matter what you do, you did not get the win. >> that is a long plane flight home. around the lake, how about
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andrew luck. those colts running it them into the playoffs. the rookie had had a record day in kansas city. the colts defense had a hand in things, too. here comes butler. stepping in front of the quinn pass. going back for the touchdown. 7-0 colts. rookie record for passes in a season. 20, 15, they go to the playoffs after -- 20-13, they go to the playoffs. now, usf in ohio faces mississippi. the diamond head classic. off to a great start. parker, and 1. usf up by 9. 9 lead changes in the game. old missi henderson, scoring -- miss. henderson gets it. they won the game. coming up tonight on "game day" where does collin, the niner quarterback, go to get
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away from it all? try mom and dad's house. >> that is how it is. actually, if collin comes home and he lays down on this coach or somewhere and my daughter comes in and my daughter says off the couch he gets off of the couch. he gets no special privileges at home. he is just collin. i think he likes that. we don't talk much football when he is home. a closer look at his roots from turlock, california. look at that high school picture. a full report from seattle following his big showdown with the seattle seahawks. that is all coming up tonight. >> i was raised with sister who kicked me off of the couch, too. i understand. >> even though you were brian hackney coming? >> especially. yes. that is it for us. we will update you on the conditions in 30 minutes, news
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updates always on cbs. appreciate you watching, cbs evening news is next. see you in half an hour ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> glor: tonight the nra debate, in the aftermath of newtown shooting the national rifle association said its policies are not too blame and tighter controls are not the answer. >> what we have though in this country are, and in any country, a percentage of people who are, frankly, either evil or crazy. >> glor: margaret brennan has the latest. storms in the forecast for christmas day, from blizzards to tornadoes. carter evans with what is happening across the country. a congressman goes public with his long battle against obesity. what he hopes his example will do for others. >> and a holiday classic that anyone can join. tony guida shows us a hallelujah chorus with a mass.

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